Tuesday, October 16, 2012

COMIC: You Get What You Give

Addendum: About two hours after I posted this comic, I was floored to see a message from Julie in my Facebook inbox. A mutual friend had sent the link her way, and she wanted to respond.

As I said in the comic, I had spent eleven years feeling low about the whole thing. What I did not know was that Julie had felt low as well.

In her message, she expressed regret about her own teenage anger back then, and really wished that she could have talked it out with me. She had felt just as guilty about the miscommunications as I had, and she also had hated that the friendship died the way it did.

Messages of apology and forgiveness were exchanged, and I think we both got a certain amount of closure. And she said she had enjoyed my comics back in college. Cool.

One final note: the idea for this comic came about a couple of months ago when I found a photograph of Julie and me in line waiting to file into San Angelo Stadium for a football game. The second image above (with the band uniforms) is modeled after the photo.

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